Apply & Enroll

How to Enrol

Now you have read the information contained within this handbook, you will be able to proceed with your enrolment application. To do this you will need:

1. To obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI)

The Australian Government requires ALL learners studying a Nationally Recognised Qualification in Australia to have this number. If you do not already have an USI, Media Makeup will be able to apply for one on your behalf (form attached).

2. Read all relevant course information

Go to the Media Makeup website and select the course you are interested in.

3. Complete and submit the application form

Submit your completed application form to Media Makeup along with any supporting documentation that maybe required.

4. Wait to be contacted by Media Makeup

Media Makeup will contact you to arrange a pre-enrolment interview.

5. Prepare for your pre-enrolment interview

Download, print and read the learner Handbook to take with you to your pre-enrolment interview as you will need to sign specific forms. Prepare any other documentation you may need such as previous qualification results.

6. Attend your pre-enrolment interview

Arrive on time for your pre-enrolment interview and complete the necessary paperwork including the LLN Indicator Tool. A member of staff will then meet with you to discuss the specifics of your desired course and assess your LLN.

7. Sign the Confirmation of Enrolment form

If accepted to study with Media Makeup, you will be provided with a Confirmation of Enrolment, this will outline the specifics of your program including all required fees and charges. If you wish to processed you will be required to sign this form*.

8. Pay your deposit (where applicable)

Once you have signed your form, you will be required to pay your deposit which will confirm your place in the chosen course.

* For learners under the age of 18 a legal guardian will be required to attend the interview and their signature is required on the confirmation of enrolment.

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