How to Apply SACE?

Procedures on How to Apply

  1. View the information about the Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics SHB20116
  2. Make an appointment to discuss training options with School Vet Coordinator.
  3. Download the SACE Student Application Form. Then send the completed application form with a resume and a current school report to Media Makeup.
  4. Media Makeup will call you to arrange an interview. A guardian needs to also attend the interview.
  5. Download and print out the Learners Handbook. Read the Learners Handbook prior to the interview. Bring to the interview a copy of the Learners Handbook.
  6. Prior to the interview, you will be required to arrive 15 minutes early to complete a short questionaire. This will help us to better understand your abilities to undertake the chosen qualification that you are applying for. At the interview the content and activities of the course will be explained, policies and procedures of the academy will be discussed, any questions answered and the prospective participant’s ability will be assessed.
  7. If accepted into the course, the participant will be enrolled and pay the course incidental expenses within 30 days of enrolement unless negotiated otherwise. Media Makeup uses a standard enrolment form, which requires the signature of both the participant and guardian. The participant’s school will be invoiced for the course fees (unless negotiated otherwise).
  8. On enrolment the participant will receive a copy of the enrolment and a receipt of payment.
  9. The participant is required to give a copy of the enrolment form to the Vet Coordinator.

Please Note: The Basics to Retail Cosmetic Services does not need an interview.

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