Find Accomodation

There are three main accommodation options for international students in Australia.

Student Residence

Student Residence is available throughout Adelaide. They are typically close to public transport and shopping facilities. The main advantage of staying in an International Student Residence is that you will meet and make friends with people of your own age who are also studying.

Standard accommodation in an International Student Residence includes:

  • A single room with a bed, desk and cupboard,
  • Access to a shared television lounge room,
  • A shared kitchen and dining area,
  • Laundry facilities,
  • Shared bathroom facilities and
  • Access to public telephones.

Full-Board accommodation includes 3 meals per day in addition to the above.

Typically costs for student residences are between AUS $110 to $300 per week for full board and AUS$75 to $150 for a single room.

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Accommodation provides students with excellent opportunities to learn about Australia and Australian culture and customs.

This accommodation includes:

  • Single room with bed, desk and wardrobe
  • Up to 3 meals per day depending on the individual homestay family
  • The opportunity to live and learn in an Australian family environment
  • Use of facilities within the residence

You need to remember that the price you are paying for homestay accommodation may not include:

  • Telephone calls
  • Internet (if available)
  • Personal items such as toiletries
The price for homestay varies from $140 AUD to $250 AUD per week depending on the different facilities and options provided. Please note that these prices are approximate and subject to change without prior notice. The length of stay is arranged between the homestay provider and the student.

Shared Accommodation

Shared Accommodation offers students the opportunity to share an apartment, house or flat with one or more other people. This is often a preferred accommodation option that offers affordable living in and around the city. The price varies dramatically but averages between AUS$80 to AUS$200 per week, depending on the different facilities and locations.